I told myself that finally there might be good subjects.

helping me to present the organization of our job». It is therefore a deliberately specific text: the organization to which he refers is only valid in the context of our CEG Dover, who often works the afternoon workshops. Elsewhere he probably would fit. As such, these «principles and requirements of activities in French» will, hopefully, be quite useful, and it would have been a shame if not impossible to adapt. To each to establish the necessary adjustments based on the structures of the institution where he works. PRINCIPLES AND REQUIREMENTS IN FRENCH actvities Our work is based on the free expression is written, either oral or sign language or manual. This work is jointly organized according to a schedule of 15 days is a commitment to respect. This planning also review the work carried out within fifteen (collective work and individual work). Work in the fortnight is divided into three main directions l) joint activities: The whole class working together, globally or by groups on a specific topic or different topics (development of free-reading-texts orthographe- grammar texts-authors etc.) 2) technical individual activities: They are mostly for staff working proofreading (style, spelling …) sheets self-corrective conjugation-reading-research papers (textes- drawings, statistics etc.) 3) optional activities: They are intended to plan. · They allow a student or several together to deliver based on their overall activities, edits books, poems (on tape) with or without slides, with interviews arrangements made outside the CEG, the developed of skits, drama games. dances, songs, puppets, expressive paintings, carved fixtures, all activities greatly expanding the framework of the French and bringing to each individual and group life and a fundamental impulse of knowledge, considerable. You have to seriously organize these options in advance (ideas teammates-material-premises) Work should enable the development of every freely and at their own pace. It should also enable the exchange and communication in respect of others. So here’s what you gotta do I) joint organization of schedule a) you are active participles, proposed your opinion, agree a cooperative decision, you plan your options activities. b) you fill your balance sheet As activities progress. You note everything you do, including shop work, readings … c) you hand it seriously review completed. on schedule, without having forgotten to note your remarks, your opinion … d) the balance sheets are then placed in your personal workbook. II) The former writing pressure) You write what you want, when you want and as you want me and you convey these texts whenever you want. There is no set rhythm … I know that a student who has understood and tasting our way of life, wrote a lot and regularly. b) I reflect on your work and give you back your texts with indications about the idea. has the form. I tells you of work to do to improve the whole. c) You work quickly rendering text and realize the work required (sheets and exercises …) You worked me then proposed the text. If necessare, this process is repeated until the text is finalized. You keep all stages of this work and you notes as progressively on your balance sheet. (Myself, I notice everything about my personal workbook). d) Looking for all of your texts, extensions (texts by authors, poetry-music-paintings) that you note the references below your text. You can copy clips that you like. e) You can read your texts to your friends, you can send the corresponding, you can propose to the newspaper and the sheaf. Most of the written work can be done in class during the hours of personal work (with my help or that of a friend) but you also have to work at home. A tip: do not be overwhelmed by the work of development and fixes, make them progressively. III) The oral expression) poetry: you arrange a lot of poetry. For you to read them, choose what you like. You can then copy the poems in your workbook, learn (because it says the best and it’s nice) to propose to your friends when you want it, embellish what you are doing music that you can create yourself. Poetry seems vital food and I would like you love her as I love her. b) reading: it is essential to read as possible. We organize it in our fortnightly sessions of personal reading, and options can be read when you want. But you have to book every day at home reading time (even just 15 minutes!). The library is easily accessible to you, do not hesitate to go there (daily de12 h 20 to 13 h 40). Do not hesitate if you’re down, to ask my advice. These readings can lead to reading cards and fixtures. c) fixtures with the tape: The original idea can be very variable: text-poetry-book survey … etc. The recorder allows the addition of music; it also allows the discontinuous work and easier presentation. The fixtures can be accompanied with slides that can be drawn. These registered fixtures can be sent to correspondents. d) the song-skits, puppets etc. These are the activities undertaken during the hours of prolonged or not options (or created) during the workshop hours. These creations are presented to the class that has not in this case I am only a spectator; by its critics notice it allows overtaking what is proposed. All these oral and bodily activities will allow you to gain greater fluency and if you go about books you passionately they allow a large development. All these activities should be properly prepared and provided in your personal schedule (concerned comrades – materials needed …) They lead his ns doubt hardware and local problems, but we will always try to resolve (that is, say a just distribution) in a spirit of cooperation and kindness. USEFUL NOTES 1) your work help me homework
should be organized and accurate – in class … common planning – home … personal schedule. 2) you should try you to meet commitments – work to get to a specific date – balance sheets to make a specific date This should allow everyone to live properly. 3) your workbook must be organized and well presented. I see regularly. 4) reserve yourself a time each day for reading. CONCLUSION You may as well live in a climate of friendship and mutual respect, bringing your hand, swapping. A regular job allows you to acquire a substantial amount of knowledge. All problems can be solved by cooperative meeting but I am naturally always at your disposal to help you. This freedom of expression and choice especially not imply carelessness, on the contrary, but allows fantasy. It is made of personal needs, which I think will help you live better with your life teenager and later your adult life, and the many responsibilities they imply. I trust. Good luck ! Michel VIBERT <^ English record success, use of sound BT "South of London"> Author: Michel Vibert Print
In: archive grade level> second degree> The college Breach CEL For Teachers Review Languages> Modern Languages ??Teaching Techniques> literature May 1975 ENGLISH Using the BTSonore «SOUTH OF LONDON» «I had the idea of make a presentation on English meal because, being in England and having found the food excellent, I wanted to show my friends who did not go there, what we eat in this country and how it is good. so I was trying to find a text … one day my English teacher asked if no one wanted this record to prepare a presentation. nobody wanted it then I told myself that finally there might be good subjects. so I take this record. My document was in the form of a paper booklet with a disc in English, slides on the texts found in the disc, and a leaflet on the slides and explaining vocabulary to use to comment.

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